Vecon: Quality and Innovation


Our Origins

At the end of the sixties, our family already owned a yard, and we bought a few pairs of rabbits from a dealer to increase breeding.
At the time, we also bred chickens, ducks and turkeys.
Since then, rabbits have become part of our life, first being bred for pleasure and then increasingly as a profession, which led to the creation of Vecon, a company that now has 6 plants dedicated to breeding.

Research and Innovation

The breeding techniques we use are among the most innovative in the industry.
We boast one of the first and most unique plein air systems for outdoor breeding and continuously strive to ensure excellent results through research and the use of advanced technologies.

Environmental Care

Our company is cutting-edge and technologically advanced, but also respects the environment.
The self-production of energy through photovoltaic panels meets all our energy needs while minimizing the environmental impact of our activities.


Thanks to our extensive experience, and by working with experienced Italian chefs, we have recently created a new range of pre-cooked products: Coniglionatura.
These products are created with the aim of bringing the flavors of the finest prepared meats to all those who have little time and experience in the kitchen.