Respecting and Caring for Animals

We strive to respect and care for our animals; therefore we carefully focus on every detail affecting their lives.
Our facilities are modern and efficient, and our staff is highly trained.
Cleanliness and hygiene are absolutely essential, and the farm environment is as close as possible to our animals’ real needs.

Cutting-Edge Methods

The Coniglionatura brand distinguishes rabbits bred in our company from those grown in other farms by guaranteeing outdoor animal fattening.
Our facilities include a 20,000-square meter plein air system surrounded by mulberry trees, a green oasis away from all forms of contamination and closed conditioning plants.
This farming method improves the animals’ quality of life.
They grow healthier and stronger while maintaining the rusticity and health unique to small farms.

Cutting-Edge Methods

Each stage of animal growth requires a feeding change.
To meet this need, we have several silos for feed storage, all made of alfalfa, bran and fodder, or natural and high quality products that allow us to satisfy all nutritional needs.